Glass Hand Pipes - INDUBIOUS

If you are looking for durable, travel-friendly glass hand pipes, look no further than INDUBIOUS.

Sure, you can repeatedly purchase the generic glass smoking pipes from gas stations, smoke shops, and other retailers, but why do that when you can make the upgrade to something better? Something that actually can sustain the challenges your lifestyle may provide to these kinds of accessories. The INDUBIOUS GEN 1, 2, & 4 Hand Pipes are designed to do just that. 

 Glass smoking pipe with Aluminum frame. Durable hand pipe

What makes INDUBIOUS pipes special?

We are a brand that strives for innovation, dependability, and experience. Our pipes are crafted from blocks of 6363 Aerospace-Grade Aluminum due to the material's extreme resistance to oxidation, density, and its considerably low weight (compared to stainless steel). This material allows our products to be in your collection for a very long time.


Like all of our products, our pipes offer a variation of much-needed features/upgrades. Firstly, they are all designed to be completely taken apart for cleaning/maintenance purposes. Every piece of glass, rubber gasket, and screen is removable, as well as replaceable. 

You may have noticed the word "replaceable" above. That is correct, every internal piece of our pipes is replaceable. The glass bowl, glass stem, screens, and rubber gaskets, are all available in our REPAIR KITS so your INDUBIOUS PIPE isn't decommissioned due to something that can easily be repaired. When we say these pipes are designed to last, we mean it.

Elevate your smoking experience with INDUBIOUS.

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